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Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:33 am by EXchanger

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Rules of XStorybox

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Rules of XStorybox

Post by EXchanger on Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:33 am


1. Do not post any messages that may create any kind of religious, political or communal controversy.
2. These kind of messages are strictly prohibited.
3. Do not abuse or misuse the board by posting hatred messages. Do not abuse/threaten/harass a member or his family directly or indirectly
4. Xstorybox strictly prohibits trolling. Any post that is inflammatory,extraneous,off-topic with the primary intent of provoking other users in any manner is considered as trolling.
5. Do not advertise any commercial products, web sites or services on the board.
6.Do not post illegal material on the message board which includes material related to hacking, stolen passwords, and any other material deemed illegal.
7. Child pornography and other explicit illegal material is not only disallowed. But if Any member found posting links to, or actively discussing child pornography will be banned without warning.
8. Do not upload or post links to any files which may be against the law in any manner.
9. Xstorybox has a strict policy against posting copyrighted meterials.
10. Requests to passwords and invitations of other Forums are not encouraged here. Please refrain from discussions about other forums.
11. If you need any clarifications on the above rules please contact the Administrators or Moderators. We will be happy to help you.

* Thread Title Must Not Contain Any Symbols or Special Characters. Thread Title Must Start With Caps {Correct Way Eg: Basic Rules Of XStoryBox},{Wrong Way Eg; ~~!@#$%^&*- basic rules of Xstorybox -*&^%$#@!~}
* Search Before Starting A Thread If That Topic Is Already Been Posted and Post There. Point is We do not want 10 Threads with thread title {We Won The Match}
* All Posts Must Atleast Have 8 Letters Minimum
* Follow Section Rules Before Starting A Thread In An Particular Section

* Size of the Avatar must be 100 X 100
* File Size must be 25 kilobytes
* UA Content/Child Nudes, Religious, Political, Copyrighted Images not allowed.
* If You receive Warnings 3 times for breaking AV Rules, your AV will be disabled permanently

* Allowed Siggy Size is 930px X 200px Bigger Siggy will only be displayed in Scroll Bar
* MyCode can be used in users' signatures
* [img] code can be used in users' signatures
* The maximum number of characters a user can place in a signature is 200
* 2 images (including smilies) a user can put in their signature.
* Signatures strictly should not be linked with external websites. Or Get Aproval From The Admin to do it.
* UA Content/Child Nudes, Religious, Political Images not allowed.
* If recived 3 warnings, users Signature will be permanently disabled

Member who dont follow the Rules will be given warning, And when the

Warning level Reaches certain % following action will be taken Angry,

Warning Level wrote:30% -------- Suspend posting privileges for 2 Hour(s)
40% -------- Suspend posting privileges for 12 Hour(s)
50% -------- Suspend posting privileges for 1 Day(s)
70% -------- Suspend posting privileges for 7 Day(s)
80% -------- Suspend posting privileges for 30 Day(s)
90% -------- Move to banned group (Banned) for 7 Days(s)
100% ------- Move to banned group (Banned) for 30 Day(s)

The Admin team Reserve full rights to Ban any member permanently, with out any warning for severe rule breakers.
The Admin Team Reserve Full rights to Change any rule any time with out any prior Announcements.

Any more Questions/Suggestions/Ideas/Discussions Can be done in this thread... strictly nospam

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